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An 8x10 film photo taken Veterans Day of 2014. In downtown Frederick, Maryland, Korean War Veterans gathered in remembrance of those who fought and those who died. These men served beside one another, and gather here every year at the memorial of friends and brothers lost. This photo was taken during a moment of silence for those fallen. The veteran sits on the memorial with the names of those lost from Frederick, his face solemn and heavy with memories. This would be an excellent addition to any memorial, any patriotic wall, or as a gift. This photo is taken on 35 mm film with a Canon. We then process the negatives using traditional methods, and spend hours perfecting the shadows, tones, and the over all image. This image was printed on an 8x10 gloss with a 1 inch border, and will be shipped to you in a bend preventative packaging. The actual photo does not have a watermark, this is to prevent theft as the photo is an original. Any and all photos listed by Auggie and Ellie are for personal use only. The selling and redistribution of these images, whether film, digital, or otherwise, is strictly prohibited under copyright. Why should you buy film? On average digital photography captures 256 tones of gray, where as film photography has the ability to capture an (theoretically) infinite amount of tones. The quality of the image is greater, with more depth and emotion, and an artistic touch that is hard to find with digital, thus giving the owner of the photo more than just a picture.

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